The-Villa-San-Juan-Capistrano-Weddings ~ Jeff and Danielle

The Villa San Juan Capistrano is one of my favorite venues. Growing up in Europe, I was always surrounded by lots of antique furniture, so when I’m at the Villa, I feel right at home 🙂  Each and every wedding there is beautiful; the lighting is perfect, it’s not too big, not too small, the people that work there are all fantastic, the furniture and rooms are gorgeous, it’s got a great vibe- I just can’t say enough good things about this place.

It was Jeff’s mom who found “Goddard Studios” after an online search and decided to have me take Jeff and Danielle’s engagement pictures as a gift to them. Jeff only had a few more days before going abroad for 9 months, serving the country as a Marine.

For the engagement shoot I took them to Thousand Steps beach in South Laguna and had a wonderful session (Click here to view the engagement session). They loved the pictures and decided to hire Collin and I for their wedding as well. Danielle did all the planning on her own-without Jeff, and you can imagine that I was beyond excited when she informed me about booking the Villa SJC for their wedding. It was just going to be gorgeous, and it ended up being even more gorgeous than I could have imagined!



Photography by Collin and Anna Goddard

Wedding Venue: The Villa San Juan Capistrano

Wedding Coordinator Michelle Tkach

Flowers: McCool Flowers

DJ: Keith at DJ Divel