Here are just a few of the testimonials/responses/reactions, sent to us by email after our clients received their pictures or picture slideshow:

_J9Q9700_J9Q9454Hi, Anna. Thank you so much! The photos are stunning!! The colors and compositions are amazing. We are thrilled. This is exactly what we had in mind, only better. It will be very difficult to narrow down the selections for enlarging and framing. There are many that we love. I laughed when I saw the Speedo guy and knew you’d left him in there for me. It is all part of the experience. California is the greatest. We had one of the best weeks of our lives and hated to leave yesterday to return home to Florida (where it is raining).

We will definitely return to Laguna Beach again. Thank you for everything! Being photographed by you is a great experience!

Kathleen S.


Make A Wish I want to be a model for the day 59

(I captured Kate during her “Make a Wish” day, organized by the “Make a Wish Foundation” and these emails were sent after her mom saw all the pictures and a slideshow)


WOW!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know what to say…I have watched this 4 times and cried… It was a good cry. 🙂 These photos mean so much. They show what cancer didn’t beat…what we want all kids to have the opportunity to have…LIFE.  First of all, you are an artist. these photos capture who Kate is. Thank you so much for all of your time, the day of the shoot and all of the work that goes into editing them. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and how much Kate LOVED you and all of the photos!  She had so much fun!! It was a day she will NEVER forget. Thank you for everything!

Make A Wish I want to be a model for the day 46The song is PERFECT!!  We have a great connection with Hawaii…it is our happy place. You couldn’t have picked a better song.Thank you again for everything! I appreciate all that you have done more than you can know.  I have no idea what the future holds…but, these photos, of this amazing day, we will have forever. I am so grateful!!


(and the next day I received another email:)

 Make A Wish I want to be a model for the day 01ANNA!!!!!!

Hello!!  I just now went through all of the photos and can’t seem to stop the tears from flowing!!  You are amazing!! The photos are beautiful.  You captured Kate and her Wish Day perfectly!!  Wow!! I cannot thank you enough for your time, energy and artistic ability to put into photos what was such a special day. You told the whole story!  I LOVE THESE PHOTOS.  I so appreciate you giving all you have to make Kate’s day so incredibly memorable.

Click here to see the gallery           Click here to see the Slideshow



Anna Goddard Photographer Laguna Beach -8211OMG…wooooow, that made me cry and is absolutely amazing. I can truly say we have the best photography ever. We had such an amazing day with you and again thank you so much.
P.S. Love the last song that you chose.


Click here for the gallery   –   Click here for the slideshow





Wow!  They look great!  You did a fantastic job and I love your work!  You’ve taken the best pics we’ve ever had! It will be hard to decide which ones to use for their Zed card.  I sent the agency five of my fav. pics of the girls and they loved ALL of them!!  I’ll look for the DVD in the mail.  Thank you so much!

(From Sally Reed, San Clemente in regards to photographing her 2 daughters)


SantaBarbaraWeddings5669Jared is telling me to put down the Ipad, but I can’t stop watching the slideshow! It is soooooooo amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You guys did such a great job!

(Per email from Jared and Melissa Gordon’s Wedding in Santa Barbara)

Click here to see the slideshow

Click here to see the wedding gallery


(Their Thank You card said:)

“Anna and Collin, Just wanted to leave you a little noted to say thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day. You were so great to work with, and we are so excited to see the pictures! Jared and Melissa”





Nahal-1674YAY!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I am going to cry!!!!! Ryan and I are sooooooooo happy with these that we can’t wait to see ALL of them! Wow, so much hard work! They are great! We enjoyed the slideshow A LOT!

Thank you Anna and Collin… I love you! You guys truly captured so many great moments!


(From Ryan and Nahal Huffman- wedding in Marina Del Rey)



KatieSasselli3Katie’s pics are sooo cute! Lots to choose from. Thanks!

Mindy Treitel
LA Models 7700 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

( and from Nadine S. -Katie’s mom)

—-Great job!! I love them. I can’t wait to see all of them! LA Models is very pleased as well! They love all the variation! Thanks!



“Paul and AnnaMarie” write in their Thank You card:

Collin and Anna

Thank you so much for all that you did for us on our wedding day! …. and at the Rehearsal! You too made the “picture session” easy & fun.. We cannot wait to see the final product! If they are anything close to some of the “sneak peeks” we’ve seen, they will be awesome! You two were a joy to work with and we are so happy we chose you to photograph our wedding.. Hope to see you soon!

~AnnaMarie & Paul Porter “7-1-12”


Paul wrote: We are back from Bora Bora, and we just want to thank you again for making our day so cool…  Usually pics are kind of a pain, but you two made it easy.  It was a great pleasure getting to hang out with you two, and think we should definitely get together for a few drinks sometime soon!

(And after receiving the wedding slideshow video:)  Anna & Collin,
This slideshow was AWESOME! You two really are phenomenal with the cameras!  Thank you SO much again for capturing the day perfectly!  You two are the best!

Click here for their gallery



Eritrea Wedding Slideshow-7800Dear Anna and Collin,
We wanted to thank you for the amazing and truly heartfelt job that your team
provided at our wedding. We had many options in terms of selecting a photography
team to capture our once in a life time moment. The wedding was no small task, it
was two full days of cultural filled shows with many different parts and venues.
Although day one started at five am in the morning and went on until three am
(nearly twenty two hours) on the same day, your team never let up and never
missed a beat. Day two was long as well and your passion/energy only increased.
The unique and creative ideas that you had were very memorable.
Eritrea Wedding-5421We requested that you and Collin focus and give emphasis on specific people at the
wedding and that it was very important for you to capture the many cultural parts
of our wedding. It was amazing and you surpassed all expectations. You took
months to research our country, learn about the different parts of the culture and
the wedding. You were very inquisitive and asked dozens of questions from us
about certain parts of the culture. You knew it better then most of the people at the
wedding and dare I say even us at times. What you captured was phenomenal and
your team was the talk of the wedding in the aftermath. You managed to capture
nearly eight thousand pictures and the quality /clarity of each photo was brilliant.
Eritrea Wedding 01We were proud of the work that you provided and the results. We were initially
going to select a photography team that came from our country and background but
we were told by family that those who knew the culture too well would over look
and take for granted the small things and details. You captured all the differnet
drums, costume details, swords, tribal dances, ethnic foods and every thing else like
no other. You and Collin are one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.
We also wanted to thank you for the amazing engagement pictures with countless
photos and the amazing scene options that you gave us. After the wedding, you
spent countless hours working on our photos to edit and creatively perfect nearly
Eritrea Wedding 10every photo. I don’t know how you found the time and energy as the number of
pictures were significant. You included and gave us an amazing wedding slide show
and no other photographer was offering this (we met with 12 photography teams).
Finally, you and Collin were willing to work on any request that we had in terms of
the photos and album in the subsequent months and we cant thank you enough.
Please feel free to share our letter-with anyone and we highly recommend you with
out any reservations.
Deborah  N., M.D, MPH
Johnny A. N., M.D., Pharm.D.

Click here for their Engagement Session        Click here for their Wedding


Your pictures are FABULOUS! The girls are SO happy with the job you did and enjoyed working with you SO much! I am just very pleased that they could see the quality of your work from your website and chose you. I had no idea that you would be taking that many pictures.  There are just so many good ones that I can’t imagine how they will choose which ones to use as their headshots or how we will choose which of the pics of them together to make a portrait that we will frame.

We are very grateful for the quality and conscientiousness you have brought to this endeavor.  You obviously enjoy your work and we will definitely be recommending you to others Anna!

(From Dr. Steve Viele (Pediatrician) in Laguna Beach)


Featured-3Dear Collin and Anna
Wow!!!!! Sooo amazing!  Thank you so very much!
Can’t wait to go through all of them with Corey!

Thank you!!
Kathryn Mazza
(Kathryn and Corey Mazza’s wedding at Arroyo Trabucco)

Click here for their wedding gallery



(from the “Thank You” card Pete and Melissa sent us last Christmas:)

Dear Anna-Marie and Collin

The slideshow turned out absolutely amazing!It captured so many wonderful moments and truly tells the story of those few magical days in the Riviera Maya that were the best ones of our lives. It’s amazing how many candid shots of us and all our guests that you were able to get (and where we actually look pretty darn good if I may say so.) We know you worked your butts off down there and it must have been difficult to be in such a beautiful place (with free cocktails) and stay so committed to your work, not to mention all of the work it took to edit everything afterwards. We so appreciate everything you’ve done for us and will be happy to glow about you

Trash The Dress Mexico-17to whomever you like if you ever need a review of reference. We wish you the very best this holiday season.


Melissa and Peter

click here to see their wedding gallery       Slideshow       Trash the Dress Gallery 



KhorriThank you so much!!! We are both so grateful and think you are the coolest. We definitely look forward to working with you again and again. Please update us if ever you have a change in contact info so that we may also continue to refer our friends to you. Your work is just so beautiful.

Much love and gratitude, Kiki & Khorri
(Los Angeles)




Surf and Sand Wedding-16We really appreciated your expertise and professionalism at our Wedding & Reception and We LOVE the pics!!! We cried. Thanks so much!

Btw, I gave Lauren @ the Surf & Sand your contact info. and “highly” recommended for her to give YOUR name to future Brides & Grooms!
xo T

(From Theresa and Walter – wedding at the Surf and Sand Laguna Beach.

Click here to see the wedding gallery   Click here to see the wedding slideshow


Anthony+Yolanda-7867I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! The pictures came out so great! I cant even count how many times I have watched  it! My family and Anthony’s mom and dad were just so excited and could not stop talking about how much they loved all of our pictures. My mom’s best friend started crying when she saw the locket picture with my mom in it. It was so meaningful to her so thank you for having that be apart of our video.

(From Yolanda Camacho- in regard to Engagement shoot)

Click here for the Slideshow video



Las Ventanas Cabo San Lucas Wedding-35The pictures look so amazing, and I can’t wait to see the ones of the reception too. I am very pleased with the way the Cabo pics came out so far. Thank you so much!! You do amazing work 😀

(From Amber – wedding in Cabo Mexico)





Tom+Breanna4We LOVE the pictures!!!! Were still going through them but there are many many that we love! We will definately want to get the DVD I am sooo happy that we did the engagement shoot (for as shy as we are) I am so happy that there were SO many great pictures.

We can’t wait for the wedding EVEN more now!!!
Thank you!!

(From Bree & Tom- Los Angeles in regards to their engagement session)  Click here to see the gallery



Kenny wrote:  (Click here to see the gallery he’s referring to)

St. Regis Weddings107Anna! Collin!

Wow!  These are GREAT!  I thought that all of the tears were gone until I saw the blog this morning.  So much that I never got to see.  Thank you so much.  We can’t wait to see more!

Thank you so much for this – we certainly had the right team with the two of you!

Keep ’em coming! 🙂



Laguna Beach Headshots-3096Laguna Beach Family Portraits-3839Hi Anna!  WOW!   We absolutely LOVE the photos! I know it was not easy with two boys but thank you so much for everything! You’re amazing and I am so excited to get these pictures around the house! : )

Thanks so much!

(From Shiwa and Sal Aziz-Etemadi after photographing their 2 sons Adam (6) and Cameron (4).

Click here to see Cameron’s Gallery   Click here to see Adam’s Gallery


Queen Mary Wedding60Anna, I got your email with the link, OMG the slideshow is AWESOME!!!!!! thanks so much!!! They r gorgeous. You and Collin are so talented, we are so happy we got you for our wedding. My parents teared up and Carla super loved it too. And Scott was so impressed too. I can’t wait to show it to everybody else. THANK YOU!!!

Click here to see Scott and Laura’s wedding

Click here to see the Slideshow Laura was referring to



F-Kelsie+BridesmaidsAnna and Collin

WE LOVE THEM!! They are all so great!! And there are SO many of them! Can’t wait to go through them all!


Kelsie Parra
(Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel)  Click here to see their gallery/Album Layout

And upon receiving their album:

We received it today! It looks beautiful! Thanks so much! We are so pleased with it! It is GREAT quality and it’s pretty neat it was made in Italy 🙂


TroyThanks for the great pictures and getting Troy started with LA Models. FYI, Troy got his first job last week and ended up working 1.5 days.  They liked him after day 1 and asked him back for an extra 1/2 day.  The job was for K-mart.  He earned $2,000 plus agency fee!  A great start for his college fund!!

Thank you for all your help!

(From Larry Lachowski Laguna Niguel)



3I5D2689Hope you are having a good weekend! Thanks for your patience as we reviewed all of the fabulous photos. It was quite the project to find the best of the best. Every time we flipped to the next photo it was better than the previous one. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of capturing not only our wedding and our families but also our personalities. We loved them all. Attached is a list of photos we’d like to see in the album

Thanks again,
Bill & Gina

Click here to see their wedding Gallery


Karlee05hello anna:)

i lovelovelovelove all of them 🙂
thank you so much for working with me. ill contact you for more future fun shots
take care with everything god bless

(From karlee valdez -Los Angeles)



KendallBrand01Hi Anna,

The photos of Kendall are great!  Since there are so many good ones, it was really hard for me to narrow down 🙂  Can you please put the following photos on a disk for Karin? I will decide from there which ones  to use for LA Casting and her card.  If there are any that you love that I didn’t pick, please add those to the disk for me. 3 31 54 58 62 115 128 134 186 217 244 247

Thanks, Paula Schmidt

Brand Model and Talent Agency


Lisa+Scott-2316Collin and Anna
The pictures are wonderful! Thank you very much for all your help and hard work! If you ever need a written testimony or recommendation, let me know.

(From Scott and Lisa Thomas – Wedding in Corona del Mar)

Click here to see their wedding slideshow



Majestic Yacht Weddings-4746Dear Collin and Anna,

These are literally the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!!! We are so in love with them! I can’t wait to see the rest!!!! So obsessed with your work!

(From Yolanda Zamora after she saw part of her wedding photos)

Click here to see their wedding



Screen-shot-Jessica-Peck-1Hi Anna, thx so much for your kind words… I can only imagine how many kids you’ve shot so hearing this really just made our day! I also think you are extremely talented- just seeing my little guy warm up with you is proof of that! I know that next time we do family photos we will be calling you. I just got the Jessica link an l’m looking on my phone as I am not at home right now. I am speechless- they are beautiful!!!! Thanks again and look forward to getting DVD. Have an amazing trip with your family! Best- Candice

(From Candice Peck- Laguna Niguel. Family portrait and portfolio pictures for her daughter)

Click here to see Jessica’s gallery



(This is an email in regards to picking photos for the album) Click here for Kelly and Byron’s Wedding gallery


I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have been working my butt off on these photos! Let me tell you one thing; that was NOT an easy job. Wow, there are so many freakin good photos, to narrow them down to ~100 was soooo hard (of course that is a compliment to you and Collin). I just cannot decide which ones are my favs. Soooo, to get to the point. I DID IT! See attached list.

Again thank you so much for such amazing photos.


Kelly+Byron Thank You 1Kelly+Byron Thank You 2

Collin and Anna, We can’t thank you enough. Each one of you took such a special place in our wedding. It wouldn’t have been as amazing without you there. You were complimented so much by the guests how professional and attentive you were. I can’t wait to see the photos, knowing how amazing they are going to be. Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us. It was the most amazing day of our lives. Love, Byron and Kelly Franks





Laguna Beach Family Portraits-6367I wanted to tell you and say thank you once again since the pictures truly turned out awesome!  I really love your work, you do outstanding, beautiful and creative shots that really show the children in a variety of ways.  No doubt your work is spectacular and our favorite .. the kids truly enjoyed working with you and so have I.  I really appreciate all your help and advice and the time you’ve taken to give me your input.

Once again, thank you so much for everything, it’s a pleasure working with you!
Have a great day!



_J9Q9039-2-MHi Anna,
I went through all of the pictures and I have to say you did an amazing job with Kai and his friends, I saw some great shots of my friends and my mom and the three of us! Kai’s pictures turned out all soooo good!

Great job, we will be a client for life if you take us as one specialty considering how picky I am with my shoes:)

See you soon, Ladan

(2 weeks after the birthday party I did a family shoot with Kai and his parents)

Dana Point Harbor Family Portraits04Good after noon,
Oh Anna where do I start! They are amazing!!! I wish I could go over them all day but Kai is not patient to sit for that long,
I love them! there are so many good ones, the backgrounds are great, the colors, lighting… I am so happy you took into consideration my comment, there is nothing I would change.
Just a big hug and a thank you! Job well done, money well and spent you are very talented.
We will see you again soon.

Take care

Eritrea Wedding-7800….Thank you again Collin and Anna. We’re so happy, we will have so many amazing pictures to show during the Thanksgiving!  By the way, your slideshow was amazing as well.  Breath taking is more like it. We like the fact that the album is coming from Italy, so we we can say “our wedding album came from Italy” (sounds fancy, lol).
Thanks again for making our wedding so memorable.  We are highly anticipating an amazing album.

Thanks again

Debbie and Johnny   (Click here for their gallery)


Tapias-3196OMG, I like SO many…thank you so much! there are so many great ones, i think i’m going to need your help… here are my favorits: #
1,33,38,39.40,41,43,57,59,64,67,85, and # 90 just aidan and I. maybe i should do a collage because I can’t just pick one…! what a problem to have…

let me know what you think!
Anja Tapias, San Clemente    (Family portrait)




Anna Goddard Laguna Beach Photographer-1570Oh my goodness!!!  They are awesome pics.
You did a great jobI can’t thank you enough Anna, your fabulous! I forwarded your info to all of my friends!

(From Kara Parham-Johnson- Los Angeles. Photoshoot of her  daughter)

Click here to see Peyton’s Photos



Joel 8Just wanted to say a quick thank you.  Due to your pictures, I booked my 1st job – a commercial with the Royal Bank of Canada.  I find it amusing that its starting that way, but I am very thankful and wanted to say thanks again – I really enjoyed meeting with you and working with you.

PS – my wife loved how you arranged the shoot, the clothing, etc

Click here to see Joel’s Photos


Joel 3Hello Anna,

I was just flipping through old emails and landed on yours.  I wanted to thank you for being a part of the journey – its been amazing.
See below a link to a commercial that is very popular in Berlin now.  I am going to Africa for a related print job in January.  You were a part of making it all happen.   Hope we get a chance to work together in the near future.  

All of my very best.



Final Inches 01i just wanted to thank you and collin for a great shoot. not that i’m anybody, but i don’t say that very often. i look a lot less picky than i am… 😉 so thanks for ALL and client is anxious to see a bikini highlight tonight if you have time. looking forward to more great shoots with you and collin!

(From Cynthia Jenkins in regards to a shoot for “Final Inches” website)




Benji09 copyi LOVE these. omg you are amazing. i chose a few for each that i think show the most breadth. i’ll email to you, but TRUST YOU YOU YOU
xoxoxoxoxoxox and i can’t  thank you enough.

(From Cynthia Jenkins in regards to photoshoot of her 2 sons)

Click here to see Benji’s Photos  (Jackson’s photos still have to be posted)



Laguna Beach Kids Photographer 08They look great!!!! I am very excited to get these photos out there. Also, can’t wait for Kati and Nick to see them as well.
Thanks again, we will definitely be coming back for more.

(From Natalie Mitchell- Los Alamitos. In regards to portfolio pictures of her 2 children for NTA Talent)

Click here to see Noelle’s pictures



Brand02I think they are all great! You really are talented! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

(From Jena Fullerton in regards to her daughter Faith’s pictures)





Just wanted to let you know that Dante really enjoyed the photo shoot yesterday!!  He said that the best place was the Stables!!  Anyhow, thought you should know that Dante felt really comfortable with you and enjoyed taking the pictures!!

Thanks again!!
(From Diana Faichio- Laguna Beach)


Our photographs were light years beyond our expectations. I cannot ever give you guys enough credit.  Having both of you at our wedding definitely captured moments that simply would have been impossible to do otherwise. Your of style and ability to capture the moment is beyond description.  Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You!

xoxo Julie and John Krill
(Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel)


We looked through them together and are thrilled with your work!  We picked our favorites (almost all of them) and they are # 7, 10,9,3,2,20,19,17,18,22,23,21,25,24,30,35,34,32,38.
The one holding the skate board wearing the hat we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Those look so ultra cool!!
Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

(From Jenny B. Long Beach)


We think that you are incredible!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait until L.A. Models looks at them, hopefully today.  Let’s see what they pick!

Amanda Thompson

P.S. And THANK YOU for letting Alyssa walk into the callback with wonderful, new pictures!