South Laguna Beach Proposal and Engagement ~ Paul and Yvette

My job becomes the best job in the world when I do proposal shoots. With all the planning up front, there is still always a big surprise factor involved! I try to be as specific as possible with maps, photos of the location, etc etc. Because of all this, in a way I always share the excitement and anxiety of the guy proposing to his girl. Then, when it happens, I better be ready to capture all that takes place, and still do it in a way that they both notice me at all. It’s an extremely beautiful and intimate moment.

For this proposal I planned everything with Paul. I could tell the love between him and Yvette was very strong in the way he talked about her, and he also shared with me that Yvette was 5 months pregnant with their son. So, this was going to be additionally very special!! After the proposal, we went on to do some engagement shots and continued the fun and love.

This is what Paul wrote me after seeing the pictures:

“Hi Anna, it was such a pleasure meeting you. Yvette & I couldn’t be any more happier than the way we are about how all the photos turned out. You did such an amazing job & truly captured the moment so that it can always remain with us. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the preparation & planning you did as well as the perfect job you performed. I knew when I found you that you would be able to make our proposal absolutely special. Take care & once again Thank You for all your hard work! Respectfully, Paul & Yvette”