Rob & Simone’s Southern California Wedding

Rob and Simone live in New York, but grew up in California. Since Simone had some close family members who couldn’t travel to the East Coast for their wedding, they decided to have 2 weddings; one on each coast. Simone planned for the wedding in CA to be very intimate; getting ready at the Surf and Sand Resort hotel in Laguna Beach, and the ceremony/reception at the Chart House in Dana Point. Their East Coast event was going to be bigger, and at a private estate in the Hamptons. Simone wanted us to photograph that as well a month later, but we were already booked for that same date… aarggghh! LOVE the Hamptons!!!
It was very important for Rob and Simone to have enough time with their guests after the ceremony, so I suggested we do the “Romantics” in the morning, on the day of the wedding. I picked them up from the Surf and Sand, and we went to Treasure Island Montage beach. We had a blast and got the most amazing shots. (Soon to be posted as well)
Simone was a bit different from most brides. She initially wanted to do a ceremony without flowers and any set up, and didn’t see the need to get a wedding dress either. In all the years I’ve been doing wedding photography, this was definitely a first. However, after having a couple of chats on the phone with Simone though, she started changing her mind, and maybe would be open to having some flowers at the event. I put her in contact with Nicole Clanton, a former bride of ours, who is also a wedding designer and producer.  I think the outcome was fantastic, I loved how well the yellow themed flower arrangements photographed against the blue sky and ocean. Also a great touch of “beach” with all the sea shells, treasure chest etc.  Nicole and I  however still could never convince Simone to get a bouquet, so if you feel that that’s missing when viewing the pictures; there was no bouquet, lol!
Rob and Simone used these wedding pictures to show at their second wedding back East. Simone wrote me a wonderful review on Wedding Wire.  Click here if you want to read it.

Surf-And-Sand Wedding2828B

Surf-And-Sand Wedding30B

Photography: Anna Goddard for Goddard Studios

Venue Location 1: Surf and Sand Hotel and Resort in Laguna Beach

Ceremony and Reception: Chart House Dana Point

Floral Design, set up  and coordination: Nicole Clanton