Photo of the week 6; Balboa Island Family Portrait Photography

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Why we photograph children…  It’s our opinion that children are the most gratifying, and many times challenging subjects that one can photograph.  The result seen in this photo clearly illustrate both, if one uses just a little bit of imagination in regards to being challenging.  Our goal is to capture the essence of being a child,  whether at play, or at rest.  Children are so much more pure than we adults are, due to the fact that they have not still been fully corrupted by us adults and the world we live in.  Their world when left to their own devices is one of sheer being “in the moment”.  In an age where our children occupy their time with mind numbing video games, tweeting and gossiping on FB, it’s  refreshing to see and photograph them just being what nature intended them to be.  Free, precocious, inquisitive, and certainly a little mischievous at times.  Photographing children keeps us sharp when shooting others and especially weddings.  Capturing the essence of a subject who at a given moment, is like a child in that they are honest, and living in the moment and not tied to anything but what is true to them.

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