Orange County Engagement~ Sandra and Jean in San Juan Capistrano

When I initially met Sandra, I was immediately taken by her elegance. She’s very sweet, laid back and speaks with this gentle voice. You can imagine then, that I was totally surprised when she told me that she and her fiance both own motor bikes and love going fast! It’s how they met and it’s something they just love doing together. I was only surprised¬† for a moment though, as then I could totally see her as a real biker chick, dressed in biker gear, racing down the road and loving it.¬† When I met Jean as well at our next meeting, we talked about the engagement session, it was a no-brainer; we had to incorporate the bikes into the shoot. We had a great time, they’re such a wonderful couple and totally in love….

Next week (!!!) is their wedding at the Seven4One Hotel in Laguna Beach (such a great spot to have a wedding!!!). Can’t wait, it’ll be great!

XO Anna

Another surprising thing I found out during our engagement session; Jean LOVES to climb trees, and he’s really good at it to0!