Laguna-Beach-Photographer ~ Kendall in San Juan Capistrano

This is the 3d time I’ve taken pictures of Kendall. The first time she was only 4 years old, the 2nd time when she was 7 and now at age 9. Each time we got wonderful pictures because Kendall is one of these girls that whatever she does, she’s cute and adorable!! She’s actually very shy and soft spoken, but just has this ability to “turn it on”. I see the opposite often too; a child that’s very outspoken, but then as soon as I point the camera on them; they get shy. It usually just takes a little warming up and showing them that it’s actually a lot of fun to take pictures.

I love all the different personalities of each child, they’re just “real”, not trying to be somebody else. It’s capturing the true soul and personality of their innocence what I love most about photographing kids.

These pictures were taken in San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach.

XOXO Anna G.