Laguna Beach-Orange County Headshots and kids Photography ~ Kyra in South Laguna Beach

I photographed Kyra and her sister Kendra in South Laguna Beach. Two extremely beautiful and very talented and athletic girls. They’re both dancers and take it very seriously, practicing almost every day and doing dance competitions all the time. We had fun taking these pictures which I think is evident. I love how all the colors came out in all these pictures, very vibrant and I tried to give Kyra as much variation as possible.

XOXO Anna Goddard
Of course Kyra knew how to skate board as well. Is there anything athletically she can’t do? I don’t think so….Kyra at the community garden in South Laguna Beach.Kyra can do all types of dance, but hip hop is her favorite.Kyra and her sister Kendra

Photos by Anna Goddard