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I first met Kayla when she was 10. A beautiful young model, very sweet and a little shy. However, as soon as the camera started clicking, she turned it on and all shyness disappeared. I find this to be the case often actually. Sometimes, the kids that are more outspoken from the get-go, actually tend to be a bit more shy when a camera gets pointed at them. In any case, right after I took photos of Kayla, she started working non stop for Tilly’s, Speedo etc, . (You can see her first session with me here)

Two years later, now 12, she came back for more pictures, and we did these seen below. Her mom just sent me an email again: “Oh so many good ones, Anna–you always get the absolute best out of her!  Thanks so much! She’s been working again steadily with your new photos!”


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