Laguna Beach Family Portrait Photographer – The Willhoft Family

Laguna Beach is just the absolute PERFECT location to do a family session. The many beaches are all so different from one another, and even the sand can vary in color and grain from beach to beach. Then of course there are the tides which can make beaches look different from time to time, even from morning to evening. Rocks that can be exposed and large enough to have families sit on, can “disappear” underneath the sand, or the water if the tide is high enough. It’s always an adventure and always one that ends up being fun for all parties involved. This session was no different, I loved taking photos of these guys and just look at this stunning beach and background!! The girls were both so stunning and Austin so handsome as their big brother. Austin had just graduated from Laguna Beach high school, so this was a great way to get them all together to take “that moment in time” before he was going to go to college. XOXO Anna