Laguna Beach Engagement – Kyle and Sheri at Thousand Steps

Kyle and Sheri found each other through! I’ve never met a couple that had any luck with that dating site, so it was cool to finally see something come to fruition through that. So fun to see 2 people so in love as they had both had a long history of failed relationships until they finally found each other. Sheri had made a pact with her friends and family to date 20 men and hopefully get lucky with one. Kyle was her 8th date…. It was love at first sight for both of them! But, since she had made this pact, she had to still date 12 more men. She couldn’t get Kyle out of her mind, so number 8 it was! With the approval of Kyle’s son, they started dating and here they are, engaged! They were so fun to photograph, these 2 are so happy with each other that you just couldn’t get the smiles off their faces. Not that I wanted them to, but I’m just saying, if I had tried I wouldn’t have been successful 🙂

XO Anna