Laguna Beach Children’s Photographer: Juliet at the South Laguna Community Garden Park

From the moment I met this Shirley Temple look alike;  her and I were instant friends 🙂 This 3 year old girl was so engaging and so full of character,  it was hard not to just love her right away. Her mom told me she never stops talking, it’s just non stop.  I think I had a smile on my face during the entire shoot. When we walked to different areas, Juliet would stick her hand out and say: “Let’s hold hands, we’re friends”! Adorable!!!

To photograph a 3 year old can be a bit challenging. I just follow them around basically after a bit of direction. They’re still in their own little world, which I LOVE!!! They’re still so beautifully innocent at this age, still unaffected by tv shows and computer games and the little things can make them so happy, like picking some flowers and watering the plants.