Justin and Erika’s engagement session in South Orange County

Congratulations to Justin and Erika! They’re getting married at the Villa in San Juan on November 30th!.

We did this engagement shoot at this great location I found while driving around one day doing some location scouting! If you’ve followed our photography, you’ve probably noticed that we often love to use old classic cars in our shots. We never reserve or set it up (unless it’s reserved for a wedding), it just always happens by chance that we  run into a classic car parked somewhere and we take advantage of it! Usually the owners are cool with it,  flattered that we want to use it in our shots. Here again, so lucky to have this Classic Chrysler right parked right there.

This engagement session you see here is actually one of two sessions. We originally had decided on this location and the beach, but we had so much fun at this location, that by the time we were done here, it was too late to go to the beach (Thousand Steps), so we did that a week later!