Jared and Kimberly’s Engagement shoot at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach

Kimberly is just one of these girls you get along with right away. She called me last week to set up a session for her- and her boyfriend. They’d had a long distance relationship, and he was going to fly in for a visit from Tenessee.  I asked her; “you want an engagement shoot then”? She hesitated a bit before answering in a laughing voice; “yes”. “Ah hah”, I said, “I get it, it’s to give a slight hint for him to get on it already and get down on one knee, right”? “Yes”, she laughed, “exactly”.

As soon as she got out of her car on the day of the shoot, she looked at me and told me the big news; he had proposed the night before!! Yay! It was going to be a “real” engagement shoot.

These two, you can tell are totally in love and have a ton of fun together. I LOVE this couple!

XO Anna