Family Beach Portraits in South Laguna

I had so much fun with this family and their two young boys. They’re from Arizona and have their pictures taken almost each year, during their vacation. This year it was in Laguna Beach, and I was going to be the lucky one to capture them!

When going over the location options, Stacey (mom) couldn’t decide if she liked a location in Newport or Laguna more, so I suggested “why not do both”? Stacey loved the idea, but was scared that the boys would not be up for 2 locations, let alone 1. She said it had been hard to do a shoot each time, but she wanted to keep the tradition going no matter what. Pictures were very important to her, and the boys would thank her one day. Smart mom!!

I told her that usually kids love doing shoots with me, but I could hear a bit of skepticism coming from her end after I told her that…  “We’ll see”, she said. And “see” they did, as I ended up having tons of fun with these 2 rascals. There were no limits (well other than not getting wet until later), and they liked that 🙂

After the session they were actually disappointed it was over, but their eyes lit up when I told them I would see them again the next morning in Newport Beach. “Really”?? “Yes, really”!

The next day I got greeted with big hugs and when that session was over I got even bigger goodbye hugs.  I love my job.


(Newport pics will be added soon).