Destination Wedding Photographer – Pete and Melissa’s Riviera Maya Wedding

Collin and I had a blast shooting Melissa and Peter’s wedding. All in all it was a 4 day event with welcome parties, tequila, another welcome party, more tequila, the ceremony, some margaritas, and the “trash the dress day”. Well the alcohol was all for the guests of course…. 🙂 We stayed at the Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma, in Puerto Morelos Mexico, and all inclusive hotel. I LOVE all inclusive. It’s the (only) way to go, everything fresh, delicious and in abundance, whenever you want it. Such a shock though when you come back home and have to prepare your own breakfasts, lunches and dinners again after a stay like that.

Peter is the brother of one of my best friends, and we’re so happy he found his bride Melissa. These two are definitely meant for each other, just look at the pictures. If that doesn’t come over as “real love”, I don’t know anything anymore. It was a great experience for us to shoot this destination wedding with a lot of our friends present as well.Anna Goddard Photography 02Anna Goddard PhotographyBlog-Collage-1391294059787Mexico Weddings 01Mexico Weddings 02Mexico Weddings 03Mexico Weddings 04Mexico Weddings 05Mexico Weddings 06Mexico Weddings 07Mexico Weddings 08Mexico Weddings 09Mexico Weddings 10Riviera Maya Weddings 01Riviera Maya Weddings 02Riviera Maya Weddings 04Riviera Maya Weddings 05Riviera Maya Weddings 06Riviera Maya Weddings 07Riviera Maya Weddings 08Riviera Maya Weddings 09Riviera Maya Weddings 10Riviera Maya Weddings 11Riviera Maya Weddings 12Riviera Maya Weddings 13Riviera Maya Weddings 14Riviera Maya Weddings 15Riviera Maya Weddings 16Riviera Maya Weddings 18Riviera Maya Weddings 17Riviera Maya Weddings 19Riviera Maya Weddings 20Riviera Maya Weddings 21Riviera Maya Weddings 22Riviera Maya Weddings 23Riviera Maya Weddings 25Riviera Maya Weddings 24Riviera Maya Weddings 26Riviera Maya Weddings 27Riviera Maya Weddings 28Riviera Maya Weddings 29Riviera Maya Weddings 30Riviera Maya Weddings 31Riviera Maya Weddings 32Riviera Maya Weddings 33Riviera Maya Weddings 34Riviera Maya Weddings 35Riviera Maya Weddings 36Riviera Maya Weddings 37Riviera Maya Weddings 38Riviera Maya Weddings 39Riviera Maya Weddings 40S-Mexico Destination Weddings 01S-Mexico Destination Weddings 02S-Mexico Destination Weddings 03S-Mexico Destination Weddings 05S-Mexico Destination Weddings 06S-Mexico Destination Weddings 07S-Mexico Destination Weddings 08S-Mexico Destination Weddings 09S-Mexico Destination Weddings 10S-Mexico Destination Weddings 11S-Mexico Destination Weddings 12S-Mexico Destination Weddings 13S-Mexico Destination Weddings 14S-Mexico Destination Weddings 15S-Mexico Destination Weddings 16S-Mexico Destination Weddings 17T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 01T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 02T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 03T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 04T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 05T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 06T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 07T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 08T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 09T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 10T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 11T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 13T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 14T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 15T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 16T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 17T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 18T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 19T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 20T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 21T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 22T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 23T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 24T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 26T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 25T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 27T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 28T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 29T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 30T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 34T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 32T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 33T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 35T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 38T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 36T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 40T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 37T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 39T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 42T-Azul Beach Hotel Wedding 41T-Caribbean Weddings 05T-Caribbean Weddings 06T-Caribbean Weddings 07T-Caribbean Weddings 08T-Caribbean Weddings 09T-Caribbean Weddings 10T-Caribbean Weddings 11T-Caribbean Weddings 12T-Caribbean Weddings 02T-Caribbean Weddings 13T-Caribbean Weddings 14T-Caribbean Weddings 15T-Caribbean Weddings 16T-Caribbean Weddings 01T-Caribbean Weddings 17T-Caribbean Weddings 18T-Caribbean Weddings 19T-Caribbean Weddings 20T-Caribbean Weddings 21T-Caribbean Weddings 22T-Caribbean Weddings 24T-Caribbean Weddings 25T-Caribbean Weddings 26T-Caribbean Weddings 27T-Caribbean Weddings 28T-Caribbean Weddings 29T-Caribbean Weddings 30T-Destination Photographer 01T-Destination Photographer 02T-Destination Photographer 03T-Destination Photographer 04T-Destination Photographer 05T-Destination Photographer 06T-Destination Photographer 07T-Destination Photographer 08T-Destination Photographer 09T-Destination Photographer 10T-Destination Photographer 11T-Destination Photographer 12T-Mexico Destination Photographer 01T-Mexico Destination Photographer 02T-Mexico Destination Photographer 03T-Mexico Destination Photographer 04T-Mexico Destination Photographer 05T-Mexico Destination Photographer 06T-Mexico Destination Photographer 07T-Mexico Destination Photographer 08T-Mexico Destination Photographer 09T-Mexico Destination Photographer 10T-Mexico Destination Photographer 11T-Mexico Destination Photographer 12T-Mexico Destination Photographer 13T-Mexico Destination Photographer 14T-Mexico Destination Photographer 15T-Mexico Destination Photographer 16T-Mexico Destination Photographer 19T-Mexico Destination Photographer 18T-Mexico Destination Photographer 20T-Mexico Destination Photographer 21T-Mexico Destination Photographer 22T-Mexico Destination Photographer 23T-Mexico Destination Photographer 24T-Mexico Destination Photographer 25T-Mexico Destination Photographer 26