Beach Photography Session- Beautiful Family in Laguna Beach

I receive a lot of emails from mothers who want to do an extended family session with me, but are afraid that theirs will never look as good as some of the other sessions I’ve posted on this website. Especially when the kids are still very young. For good reason I think, young kids can be a bit challenging sometimes and don’t always love the thought of doing family portraits. Mom Kelly featured in these pictures below had the same concerns. I guaranteed her that she would end up with great pictures, and this is what she wrote after she saw them;

“Thank you they are amazing!!!! I love the family pictures but some of the individual shots of Leighton and Leia just captured them so perfectly. This year has been a hard one balancing 3 young kids and we were skeptical of trying this but I am so thankful we did. I feel like I have a beautiful reminder of everything I did right which of course is my girls:) thank you again! These are so special.”