Anthony and Yolanda’s Engament Session in Laguna Beach

Anthony and Yolanda are the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet! Both a bit camera shy at first, they soon got into the groove of “just having fun and being into each other”. Of course they know how to do that (they’re engaged for goodness sake!!), but always a little different of course when another person is there trying to capture it.

When I work with couples, they always wonder if they can look as good in pictures as the other couples in engagement galleries I’ve shown them. I say of “course they can”, but they always seem somewhat doubtful at first…  I’m however never doubtful; It’s always amazing how 2 people that have never done any professional modeling can evolve so fast during an engagement session. By the end, they’re almost “pros”! I always make sure I have the right and original location for the right couple, come up with different ideas and bring along some props and guide them along, but in the end, it’s the couple that makes it happen!

For this engagement shoot we started out inland at a farm and then ended it at the beach. The very last couple of pictures aren’t necessarily the best photography technical wise; I have a lot of flare coming into the lense and their faces are a bit dark.   I usually try to avoid flare in the lense as much as possible, but flare, which is usually shaped like a circle (or little red balls in the picture), now was in the shape of a heart! Go and see, it’s amazing! This wasn’t planned, it came as a complete surprise 😉 Very cute and so fitting! They are “meant to be”.