An Eritrean Wedding

Our jobs are so great when we get to experience weddings, cultures and rituals we would probably have never experienced otherwise. I’m even embarrassed to confess that I had never heard of the country “Eritrea” before (a country neighboring Ethiopia). But that all changed when I met Johnny and Debbie…  It was amazing how many things Johnny and Debbie had in common; they were both born in Eritrea, they left their home country right about at the same age to come to America, they both became doctors, and they’re the same age! The only thing however; they never knew about eachother’s existence until they met a couple of years ago because of a mutual friend.
With so many things in common they were so right for each other and it was beautiful to see the bond between them. Their 2 day wedding was a fantastic event. Collin and I learned so much about the Eritrean culture and traditions, and loved getting to know the most beautiful, wonderful and good hearted people. Please play the slideshow video at the bottom of this post.

This is what Johnny and Debbie wrote to us after the wedding:

“Dear Anna and Collin,
We wanted to thank you for the amazing and truly heartfelt job that your team provided at our wedding. We had many options in terms of selecting a photography team to capture our once in a life time moment. The wedding was no small task, it was two full days of cultural filled shows with many different parts and venues.
Although day one started at five am in the morning and went on until three am (nearly twenty two hours) on the same day, your team never let up and never missed a beat. Day two was long as well and your passion/energy only increased. The unique and creative ideas that you had were very memorable.
We requested that you and Collin focus and give emphasis on specific people at the wedding and that it was very important for you to capture the many cultural parts of our wedding. It was amazing and you surpassed all expectations. You took months to research our country, learn about the different parts of the culture and the wedding. You were very inquisitive and asked dozens of questions from us about certain parts of the culture. You knew it better then most of the people at the wedding and dare I say even us at times. What you captured was phenomenal and your team was the talk of the wedding in the aftermath. You managed to capture nearly eight thousand pictures and the quality /clarity of each photo was brilliant. We were proud of the work that you provided and the results. We were initially going to select a photography team that came from our country and background but
we were told by family that those who knew the culture too well would over look and take for granted the small things and details. You captured all the different drums, costume details, swords, tribal dances, ethnic foods and every thing else like no other. You and Collin are one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We also wanted to thank you for the amazing engagement pictures with countless photos and the amazing scene options that you gave us. After the wedding, you spent countless hours working on our photos to edit and creatively perfect nearly every photo. I don’t know how you found the time and energy as the number of pictures were significant. You included and gave us an amazing wedding slide show and no other photographer was offering this (we met with 12 photography teams).
Finally, you and Collin were willing to work on any request that we had in terms of the photos and album in the subsequent months and we cant thank you enough.
Please feel free to share our letter-with anyone and we highly recommend you without any reservations.
Deborah N.,  M.D, MPH
Johnny A. N.,  M.D., Pharm.D.

Day Two of Johnny and Debbie’s Eritrean Wedding

Photography: Collin and Anna Goddard for Goddard Studios Photography

Wedding Planner: Maria Lindsay  –  Hotel: Pacific Palms City of Industry –  Church: Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim